Tips On Overcoming The Car’s Engine When Exposed To Flooding

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cars's engine
The floods which happen often made a number of submerged cars. There are only up to the wheel of a car, but there are also more severe, entirely submerged car.

How tips are facing floods in the streets? If you are still central drive and suddenly encountered a flood Street, try to see it used to be the height of the flooding. If your car is a sedan, avoid the streets already flooded up to 30 cm. For info about the car visit only.

If the car belongs to high may just braved the flood, however still need to be careful and look at the height of the flooding, check the condition of the home, height around like a tree or other object so that you can predict the height of the flooding. While speeding on the street flooding, lajukan vehicle in low gear and keep the round machine at about 2,000 rpm.

Turn off the air conditioning, so the fan turning the AIR CONDITIONING could not spread the water to various devices in the hood of the car including the engine. Restart the AIR CONDITIONER after a car free of street flooding. Note the position of the exhaust and intake the engine car, lest the flooding awash.

After passing through floods, provide time to inspect electrical car and foot. If confusion review it, you can contact the workshop to do this. Air filter, spark plug wires, also should be checked in order to stay dry.

If the condition is not possible, where flooding is already getting high, we recommend that you take the steps of emergency. Immediately turn off the car engine. Then unplug the electrical cord or battery, to avoid shorting on the control engine.

The car was forced to light up in the submerged condition usually will experience water hammer, the damage will be very severe and difficult conditions returned to normal again.

Well what about insurance? Does the insurance company want to replace the damage to your vehicle which submerged flood?

Check Your insurance policy in advance. Insurance policies typically do not cover damage due to flooding. Unless you’ve done the expansion of guarantees to anticipate floods.

In addition so that the car can still be repaired by insurance, do not switch on the machine when the car hit by the flood. By not turning on the machine when the floods could reduce damage to cars to 60 percent. When it’s submerged, better let stand alone used to be the car to await his arms toward the car repair shop.

Success tips for Budding Fashion Designers

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For those of you who are studying fashion, following a number of tips for you.

For those of you who are studying fashion design at a variety of formal container education, here are a few tips that are right for you can be successful in the fashion industry either international or ground water.

-Have a good capability
As a novice designers don’t be afraid to try. Both in production, theme or marketing, because almost all the successful brand or designer is currently passing through a phase of trial and error. The most important is improving the capability in design, choice of materials, and workmanship can make you a step forward achieved success.

-Multiply the friends, associates, and colleagues
Sepertnya tip is important not just for a fashion designer but all areas of career. For fashion designers, the proximity of clients, media crews, fashion stylist, public figure, buyer, supplier, and fellow designers become noteworthy.

Without the approach on the laborers, as well as any works you certainly will be hard earned audiences. For example, designers Biyan and Indonesia Tex Saverio which results fashion a-listers used Indonesia as Dian Sastro, Adinia Wirasti Citra Lestari, and flowers.

Or directly play in international markets such as Peggy Hartanto and Jeffrey Tan that the clothes already used by Zendaya, Michelle Williams, Chanel Iman, and much more

Have a characteristic that will continue to be remembered
The success of a brand or a designer will continue to be remembered if it has the characteristic that makes audiences remember with his design.

One example of the style of the street look like Demna Gvasalia from Vetements,

-Respect the originality
With the right theme, design the appropriate line and a charming collection of mood will surely be led to good results. As much as possible to make all the items from your collection is the fruit of work you think it matures.

Is unlawful to be a follower or duplicate items or products of the brand that is being famous or being sold over the counter. Why? Because as a self-confessed fashion designer, self-esteem and good name attached to the products that you create. If plagiarism happens, sure audiences feel you are not a designer.

Fashion Design And The Importance Of The Point Of View

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Fashion Design And The Importance Of The Point Of View

Fashion Design And The Importance Of The Point Of View
Fashion Design And The Importance Of The Point Of View
It arises also from this previous the radical transformation of Gucci, for example. Died out after ten years of experience Frida Giannini, the new president, Marco Bizzarri, has entrusted the creative direction of Alexander Michael, already in the office of the Giannini style. The force with which he proposed his point of view, he does not see the differences between men’s fashion and women’s natural connotation of no gender which provides neither travestitismi or cross-dressing, and then absolutely out by trends dominant, he made sure that Gucci returned among the names that create fashion trends, and even economically active only in a year.

But the example of how the point of view of both the natural method of fashion is to Miuccia Prada. He arrived fashionable after several experiences, when he decided to take over the family business has done nothing but adapt to his new job the cultural survey method that had already practiced in other areas. His first collection of fashion woman in 1988, which many remember as the season in which he was born minimalism that has dominated the following decade, it was only the beginning of a journey that has managed to make the clothes a materialization of a ‘ idea, a thought and reasoning. In this way, more than twenty years that Miuccia Prada is the undisputed flagship of many other fashion designers. That in some cases they managed to snatch the method of analysis and, therefore, they are classified as followers. In many other cases, not working on your point of view but relying entirely on what they observe, they can only be defined epigones.

And it is precisely this need originality that there is proof of how the position taken and are winning point of view. Even in semi-dormant this time that optimism would like to see in the process of awakening.

Boy is a sigh of eternal love, it is love that makes you unique because it lasts forever even if life takes unexpected paths, is the love to which we remain faithful even though the daily life takes place alongside other loves, other feelings, other complicity.

For Coco Chanel, Boy was the only one, the love that has never abandoned, the love that has stuck with her forever. The man who helped at the beginning of his career, but also the man who taught her independence. He is the man who was his beginning and his muse. Since you care so much, I Capel said, I will make an elegant version u English tailor the dress that you always carry … All rue Cambon was born there, remembers Chanel Delay in the biography.

Boy, man and the perfume that have the same character, so. Boy is not only the name of the one who believed in her it is even the whisper of a woman to her lover, the promise of an adventurous life, they say in describing the new Chanel perfume that has the exciting character of a love that is renewed every day.

The Elegant Renovation That You Do Not Expect

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The Elegant Renovation That You Do Not Expect

The Elegant Renovation That You Do Not Expect
The Elegant Renovation That You Do Not Expect
A total makeover for a whole new look is what we propose in this article. The project that we present is what has affected a 44 m2 apartment, located in Strasbourg, which was in need of an overhaul in order to be placed on the rental market. The furniture that was chosen is in a vintage style; in particular, the furniture very reminiscent of the style that can be traced in the Parisian bistro. The work included, among other things, the replacement of coatings for walls and floors, as well as the choice of furniture and furnishings. Ready to go to the discovery of this radical transformation

Before dark environment and unattractive

The apartment had basic good potential but clamoring to be renewed. The dark parquet coating was very nice but did not lend itself well to a small environment such as that to which we are facing and, above all, the furniture was presented as truly obsolete. Even the walls and ceiling in need of a fresh coat of paint Let’s see what has changed after the restyling in this dark room and unattractive.

After Bright environment and with character

The room has completely changed in appearance. Have antique furniture added that recall the typical bistro-style and soft light has changed the atmosphere of the room. The green color pastel that was lying on the walls suggests a kind of spatial dynamism and freshness. Finally, the wood tones chosen for the flooring is much clearer than the previous year, which gave the perception of an even smaller space.

First a small bathroom

Here’s how it appeared at the bathroom before the renovations. The environment, in itself small, was also very little functional. The restyling has affected every corner of the room that has been brought to light thanks to the new decorations. It was returned to the environment space thanks to the colors and furniture, simple but functional.

After an airy space

The environment protagonist of this apartment is the property at the same time is also a dining room and kitchen. This is the only solution to preserve the organization acceptable space. If you put the dividers would escape the space of the room. This result was achieved thanks to the clever use of color and white as well as the sources of natural light and a simple and practical furnishings.

The Entrance With A Wooden Floor

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The Entrance With A Wooden Floor

The Entrance With A Wooden Floor

The Entrance With A Wooden Floor

wood in the hall you enter a garden consisting of low plants and trees, laid out on a bed of white gravel, which creates a sharp color contrast. Small stone sculptures alternate in the design of this small garden.

the symmetry

A garden in which the geometric symmetry inspired the composition. The two grass areas alternate on the sides, with the center of a composition formed of stones and a round vessel. The geometric shapes are placed in the canvas of white stones, framed in a simple and natural by different sized stones.

A special corner

A special corner obtained thanks to a stone fountain, the composition of which extends to the rest of the space through the composition of sinuous lines that pass through the base of amber hue crushed stone. This makes it possible to hold together the fountain and different plants, low and broad-leaf, that animate this garden.

A bench for outdoor

Plants surround the entire crawl space, where you put a bench romantically, place of rest and contemplation surrounded by greenery, with vases and punctuate the route, the system in combination with a brick floor.

Even with the vessels

Even choosing to form vases and different heights, playing with textures and colors, you can reanimate a corner of the garden. Choosing plants cha have different heights, creating combinations that harmonize the space.

A small bamboo garden

The little unused space under a window we see becomes an opportunity to create a micro-garden through a simple and intelligent use of bamboo, capable of giving life to a natural setting in which to place the colored notes of plants and flowers.

A round garden

A round garden, consisting of concentric rings of light stones enclosing plants of different heights and colors. a simple and elegant way to create a natural area around the house.

Small hanging flower beds and rich in style vessels

Small wall brick flower beds enliven the wall that closes a garden dotted with dark-toned vases, with smooth surfaces and different geometries. Flowers bring a lively note of contrasting color.

A modern garden, with stones that take center stage

A modern garden, organized according to a strict geometry, made of symmetries between the shapes of the vessels and the choice of plants. The wooden saucers define the space, hosting contrasting white vases. The white stones form the basis, harmonizing the strict geometries of this garden.

Bijoux Trends For Winter 2015, Here Are The Models Not To Be Missed

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Bijoux Trends For Winter 2015, Here Are The Models Not To Be Missed

Bijoux Trends For Winter 2015, Here Are The Models Not To Be Missed
Bijoux Trends For Winter 2015, Here Are The Models Not To Be Missed
Bijoux trends for winter 2015: the jewelry designers design artwork, brilliant, bright and unique and special cuts. Every woman would want to wear such items on important and elegant outfits, but also because of easy clothes, like diamonds, all jewelry are the best friend!

Bijoux jewelry and maxi are the must-have this season: big, bright, with details that make particular chosen dress, like the maxi earrings that catch the light and highlight your face giving unique allure. Jewelers surprise proposing models with pearls and other stones also applied pending versions and in many other refined forms. The necklaces are sought and multicolour rings are precious and unique lines. While, as regards the bracelets, forms ranging from the most simple to the most particular and rigid to enrich the outfits everyday. The hidden secret behind every jewelery is in its ability to give that exclusive touch: only the jewelry can enhance an outfit and give an air of completely different; They are well aware of the stars who flaunt always unique jewelry. A touch of glamor especially for the evening; green light, then, to the glittering detail and bright colors, especially if combined with a dark minidress.

Pandora offers a line of necklaces with precious silver or gold, models with a braided workmanship that goes from shades of black, white and blues to more colorful shades and romantic Ring-butterfly in gold with bright multi-colored e-dragonfly earrings by Chopard hitting with jewelry that just seem to come from a precious garden, while the Morellato jewelery collection, for Fall Winter 2014-2015 offers more casual leather bracelets. Necklace with Swarovski crystals for the fashion designers Dolce & Gabbana torque, while Nina Ricci surprises with a flower bracelet.Another model used mainly by women in the office who prefer to carry a bag rather than the classic folder, the top box or doctor bag, both by the rigid design, ideal for containing tablets and documents.

The call of nature is the main theme of the jewelry for winter 2015. There is plenty of choice, for example, among the jewels of the wonderful Tiffany & Co. collection How not to dream of finding under the tree a green box water inside the Dragonfly earrings in platinum with diamonds and sapphires? A perfect gift from the “better half”!

Browse the photo gallery to discover all the jewels for the 2015 winter with all the glamor models!

The Flash The Studio Illuminators

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The Flash The Studio Illuminators

The Flash The Studio Illuminators
The Flash The Studio Illuminators
We have already mentioned as a major category of illuminators is that of the illuminators Shot bulky, heavy and energy intensive, are ideal for illuminating evenly objects and subjects and, at the same time, can not be used outdoors or almost never when you have aa short time available to prepare the scene.

The first thing to point out is that there are two types of illuminators those with continuous light and the zipper (that resemble flash as a light produced, we will see them later).

Illuminators continuous light

There are two types light sources emitting light (for speakers also slang), illuminators concentrated light, the banks.

Here is the result obtained with the configuration shown in the diagram above (notice the flare and light rays in the picture, due to direct exposure of the sun)

A set of external portrait can be achieved with the use only of a reflector the trick is again place the sun behind the subject and to reflect the rays of a reflector placed next to the camera (of course the sun does not It must be too low). In this way we will have a uniform illumination of the subject’s face and no underexposed area or covered by shadows.

Copyright Guerrero

Another interesting case is that of the photo shoot where the direct light is limited it is the case of an interior with a window through which filters a large amount of sunlight. In this case, without the use of flash, we would have the strong play of light and shade, and several underexposed areas. The solution is to create something like this

The reflector allows us to reuse the light filtering from the outside while the illuminator allows us to properly expose the subject (the part would be framed too dimly lit).
Copyright David Collohe

If you are hunting for configurations of light or photo shoots for specific situations, or simply want to create you a breviary with photo shoots to be used if necessary, I recommend a visit to Lighting Diagram this website, completely free of charge , it allows you to draw your own photo shoot (all schemes used in this article were created on Lighing diagram) and make it available to the community associated with the photograph obtained with that particular photo shoot.

Gl illuminators diffused light are characterized by a metallic mirror, hemispherical, positioned behind the lamp. The lamp itself is usually covered by a mirror so as to avoid a direct beam and the light that is emitted from the speaker will be, in fact, exclusively widespread.

7 Ideas For Low Budget For A More Modern Kitchen

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7 Ideas For Low Budget For A More Modern Kitchen

7 Ideas For Low Budget For A More Modern Kitchen
7 Ideas For Low Budget For A More Modern Kitchen
Sometimes it takes very little to give a breath of fresh air to our kitchen. For example, a more original finish on the walls, trendy decorations or a touch of color. Then let us be inspired by the suggestions of our experts and discover together 7 low budget ideas for a more modern kitchen.

An original wall

Our kitchen seems too anonymous and out let’s make it more modern with an original coating on the walls. I will not spend a fortune on the market today we can in fact find for a few dozen colorful and fun wall decals Euro, also perfect to rejuvenate the old-fashioned tiles. The variety of patterns is virtually infinite from simple written – as we see in this proposal – the landscape views, to the whiteboard surface effects, to write down a shopping list or favorite recipes.

Choose decorative and functional objects at the same time

One of the cheapest tricks to give freshness to our kitchen is to adorn it with decorative and functional objects at the same time. Such as the handy wooden chopping board or profits glass containers we see exhibited in the cuisine offered here small items of daily use but they help to characterize the environment.

Glass and wood

Our next step is the kitchen. Who would not like to have one like that Here, in fact, design and technology come together in one super charming setting. The dark tones of the cabinets contrast with the metallic appliances and the light color of the walls. Moreover, the choice of the mirrors causes the space appear larger than it already is.

We rely on the shelves

Shelves and open shelves are one of the most used by architects and interior designers furnishing solutions for modern kitchens why not copy the idea In this way, we clearly visible all at your fingertips. Not to mention that the consoles costing much less wall units with doors!

We expose the tools

We keep on display tools, such as the strain of the knives, rather than the ladles, the colander or the forks Salad help add a metal touch to our kitchen, at no cost.

Finally, the pool!

Here we are outside, in particular in front of the pool. It is a very common element, because it has a round shape, and it is precisely why it is so interesting.

Coconut Milk Sweet Corn Pudding Recipe is Delicious and Tender

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Coconut Milk Sweet

During the course the pudding is often thought to be only made of ingredients such as milk, chocolate and fruit only. But it can also be made from corn. Corn is used in the manufacture of the pudding itself is not all types of corn, but it was just used a type of sweet corn. Which have a sweet taste than other types of corn.

Corn pudding recipes actually have long existed and has been known by many people. Even now the corn pudding already had many variants. Among them there are corn custard pudding, ncc, layers of chocolate, steamed and most modern is the corn pudding tins. But besides all that there are also other variants that are also tasty coconut milk corn pudding IE.

Coconut Milk Sweet
And whose name is not necessarily off the pudding from the role of gelatin as its main ingredient, so too this coconut milk corn pudding which is made from gelatin instant we can buy easily at shops, markets or supermarkets nearby. The process of making a pudding is quite easy and simple. And if you guys are interested in making it, following recipes from buletinresep and how to make it!.

1 packet gelatin powder (any brand)
800 ml coconut milk
2 pieces fresh sweet corn, a comb with a knife
6 tablespoons granulated sugar
1 teaspoon salt
Cornstarch solution (3 tablespoons cornstarch + water)

Necessary tools:

Pudding mould

How to make coconut milk sweet corn pudding that is:

The first step, enter the coconut milk with sweet corn into the blender. Then blend until smooth.
Take a pan, then stir in the gelatin powder, granulated sugar, salt and the sweet corn we have blender. Stir-stir until blended.
Put the Pan above the stove to cook using & medium heat to boil and cooked.
Before being appointed, add the cornstarch solution and then Cook briefly about 3 minutes.
Lift up and then pour the custard into the prepared mold.
After that wait, the pudding to cool and harden. Or if he felt, you guys can this pudding into the fridge/frezzer .
Corn pudding and are ready to be enjoyed.

This is Preparation For Developing Startup

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More and more people realize the internet is a potential new fields to start a business. Technological development also opens smartphones market and an increasingly large needs for the application.

Don’t be fooled, the number of articles in the field of information technology businesses, the plural is called start-ups, increasingly berjibun. Not just every year, at this time every month new start-ups with innovative products and services that have sprung up.

Last year alone, according to, there are over 1,500 local start-ups in Indonesia.

Moreover, the potential increase in internet users and smartphone in Indonesia from year to year is very high. Rising purchasing power in line with the rise in per capita income of the country’s society also influenced the development of the digital industry.
According to the Research Institute e-marketers, the population of netter in the motherland achieve 83.7 million in 2014. The figures apply to everyone who accesses the internet at least once per month above Indonesia ranked the 6th largest in the world in terms of the number of internet users.

That figure will be doubled in 2017. Next year, the e-marketers predict the number of internet users we would reach 112 million people aka shift Japan to 5.

In 1999, Indonesia predicted would unseat Brazil’s fourth-largest country in the number of internet users.

For you who want to try their luck in the business by setting up a start-up, now is indeed the right time. Just, a lot of that has to be thought out and prepared to start a business.

What is it? If you are interested, check out a good explanation here.

Business Ideas

This could be the earliest thing that you have to think. Idea of what kind of business do you have? What kind of start-ups that want to develop?

Have a unique business idea could be one of the determining the success of your efforts. Conversely, if your idea is not innovative, it is likely the start-up will not be developed.

To find business ideas, founder of MReunion Abangkis Private Labs have a simple recipe.

First, developing an entertainment-based start-up. For example, the application creates a game or online game or comic site.

MReunion own developed Cinemator, which serves the information schedule movies come with a rating and review for each movie.

Second, and this is the most telling, building start-ups that answers the needs of the everyday. Just look at your own needs.

What are your needs and what products and services can answer that need. This is at once so the main points of advantages start-up of foreign location.

For example,, which offers current traffic condition on the major roads so that visitors can avoid congestion.

Another example is the application of the religious. A simple application that presents schedule imsak and praying that adjusts automatically with user location could be an example.

“Digital content will be closely linked to the life of modern society. Therefore there is an opportunity of presenting positive content that we can feel the benefits and kindness, “said Andreas Senjaya, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Badr Interactive, developers of Islamic applications.

In addition to looking for unique products and services, you must also think of the business model or the monetization of Your start-up. That is to say, from anywhere the stub will have business income.

“This is important because many start-up wither because the business model is confusing and monetization, or how to bring in money from where it is not clear,” said Nuniek Tirta Sari, one of the initiator of community #StartupLokal.


The second aspect that you need to prepare is the human resources (HR). Here you have to peeking inside on the ability you have.

If you have technical skills in programming for example, then you need to find colleagues who have complementary capabilities. For example, the ability of marketing or business. And so instead,

Day Sungkari, Deputy of infrastructure the Agency Creative Economy, got a nice parable. According to him, there are three types of people that must exist in a start-up team in order to thrive. The ability they have to be complementary or a combination.

The first type, called a hacker. That question is the programmer or one who mastered the technical aspect of IT which is later tasked to develop a prototype of a start-up.

The second type, called a hipster. It means the person who is responsible for the design or art aspects as well as ease of use.

The third, called the hustler. “Well, he’s pebisnisnya,” said day. Its meaning, this responsible person in business, formulate a marketing strategy, and other duties.

Seeking Capital

The third step that you have to prepare is seeking capital. Without the initial capital, there may be a start-up could be developed.

Moreover, there was a bit of a start-up because creative ideas, requires considerable initial capital, especially for the IT infrastructure. But you don’t need to worry, nowadays many parties offer start-up funding.