Excess Hajar

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  • 100% NATURAL HERBAL: oles natural medicine made from natural premature ejaculation solution of a special plant sap that exist only in Egypt and India.
  • 100% SAFE: Because no negative side effects on kidney function, brain and heart because of this natural herb is used as a topical medication outside.
  • Does not contain CHEMICAL DANGER – that most products sold diluaran traded freely.
  • Herbal topical already widely used by adult men proved efficacious and potent by itself recommended by word of mouth. This is also evidenced by the many testimonials of our customers who SATISFIED.
  • The only product that is sought after around the World because of its efficacy and natural ingredients.
  • Longer duration of intercourse WITHOUT cause numbness or numbness. Because your sex organs will remain sensitive to stimuli.
  • Without Danger because of Herbs without side effects that can harm health.
  • Popular Products WORLDWIDE – Bang! Evidenced by the many men who seek it and the number of reliable media that preach; and many more;

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Hasil gambar untuk khasiat hajar jahanam mesir

How to Use Stone Hajar
  • Apply stone Hajar taste. it depends on your taste ya. We did not have the proper dosage because every man is different. If the first user you want to rub it up to 5-6 times the spread, the user may then just 3-4 times a smear alone. Basting too much will make the head of the penis becomes too hot. Therefore, do not smeared too much!
  • The reaction heat of the beat Inferno will be felt after topical for 15-30 minutes (there is also a new feel after 45 minutes) and is followed by a sense of Ba’al in the penis. usually will soon disappear after 2-3 hours later, but if Masbro rub it on the penis too much heat and ba’alnya it had lost more than 5 hours later
  • The burning sensation is the natural reaction of Hajar. It feels like an ant bite and a bit sore if too much smeared. Do not panic. Well when the heat is spreading note of what has been followed by numbness? The burning sensation is not an indicator that blasted Hajar already working, it’s just a natural reaction on the skin only. Hajar blasted as a local anesthetic works when the skin surface of the penis Masbro began to feel immune / fool / numbness / semi numb. That’s when Masbro ready for action!
  • Before the action, wash your penis so that the couple did not share the warmth beat blasted. You can immediately sense ba’alnya action after already being felt. do not worry, beat blasted safe for your partner’s vagina, safe also for oral sex, origin mouth washed out so your partner does not feel Ba’al later
  • The shaft does not need to beat blasted smeared, because the most sensitive part is the head of the penis. but did not try anything. basting on the rod to try the case if it turns out you rather severe premature ejaculation
  • Do not hit on the channel / water hole urine
  • do not put rocks blasted execute the testicle / testicles
  • after greasing, a good store blasted rock beat
  • Do not get in eyes! if liquid beat this evil in the eyes, immediately wash your eyes
  • skin reactions in addition to the heat of the skin becomes reddish. The natural reaction. but if a rash and irritation rich abrasions, the next user reduce dosage beat blasted. if the dose has been reduced but things like this still appears discontinue use because it means that your skin does not fit with herbal Hajar blasted

Create Fart Facts and Health Benefits

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Did you know, flatulence is a scientific term of flatus . Many people simply judging fart on the downside and are not aware of the benefits of the flue gas. Even some people feel embarrassed and reluctant to remove it for fear of smelling and loud sounds. In fact, medically flatulence is a normal thing. And it was not just humans who exhaust gas. Then what else unique facts about farts and benefits for health ? Check out this one:


  1. Where the origin of Farts?

Of gas in the intestines. Gas in the intestines from the air that we swallow, gas that bursts into the intestine of blood, gas from chemical reactions and gas from the stomach bacterium.

  1. What is the composition Fart?

Varies. The more air you swallow, the more levels of nitrogen in the fart (oxygen in the air absorbed by the body before it reaches the intestine). The presence of bacteria and chemical reactions between stomach acid and intestinal fluids produces carbon dioxide.

Bacteria also produce methane and hydrogen. The proportion of each gas depends on what you eat, how much uidara are ingested, the type of bacteria in the gut, how long we hold a fart.

The longer hold fart , the more levels of nitrogen in the fart because of other gases absorbed by the blood through the intestinal wall. People who eat a hasty oxygen levels in farts more because the body does not have time to absorb oksigem.

  1. Why do farts stink?

Smelly fart because the content of hydrogen sulfide and mercaptans. Both of these compounds containing sulfur (sulfur). The more sulfur in your diet, the more sulfur and mercaptans are produced by bacteria in the stomach and the more busuklah fart you.

Eggs and bacon plays a major role in producing a foul smell fart. Nuts are instrumental in producing the volume of fart and not rot.

  1. Why Fart generate sound?

Due to the vibration of the anal canal during fart produced. The harshness of the sound depends on the gas velocity.

  1. Why do farts foul was warm and silent?

One source of fart is bacteria. Bacterial fermentation and digestion processes produce heat, gas and its byproducts are rotten. The size of the gas bubbles are smaller, warmer and saturated with products of bacterial metabolism malodorous. It later became fart , though only small in volume but SBD (Silent but Deadly).

  1. How many farts are produced in a day?

The average half-liter 14 times a day in a fart.

  1. Why do farts come out through the anus?

Because of its lighter density, gas why not take a trip to the top? Not so. Intestinal peristalsis push it downward. Pressure around the anus lower.

Penstalsis made into a pressurized chamber, forcing the contents of the intestines, including gas-gas to move to a lower pressure region, which is around the anus. On the way toward the anus, small bubbles merge into large bubbles.

If there is no peristalsis, gas bubbles will break up again, but not too much because the shape of the gut complicated and convoluted.

  1. How much time it takes Fart to travel to another person’s nose?

Depending on the air conditions such as humidity, temperature, wind speed and direction, the molecular weight of fart gas, the distance between the transmitter with the receiver. Once leaving the source, spread and konsenstrasinya fart gas is reduced.

If the fart is not detected within a few seconds in the air means diluted and lost in the air forever.Unless you fart in narrow places such as elevators or cars, more concentration so that the smell will stay for a long time to be absorbed by the walls.

  1. Does everyone Fart?

It is certain, if still alive. Shortly after matipun people can still fart.

  1. Is it true that men fart more often than women?

It has nothing to do with gender. If true, then women hold farts and farting an inordinate amount of time spent.

  1. At what people usually Fart?

Morning while on the toilet, so-called “morning thunder”. If the resonance nice, maybe could be heard all over the house.

  1. Why do beans cause a lot of gas?

Nuts contain sugars that can not be digested. These sugars (raffinose, stachiose, verbascose) if it reaches the intestines, intestinal bacteria directly partying and produce gas. Corn, cabbage, milk also causes a lot of fart (not smell).

  1. In addition to the food, what are the causes of Farts?

Swallowed air, eat in a hurry, eat without chewing, drinking soft drinks, by plane (because the air pressure is lower, so that the gas in the intestines of expansion, so that it appears as a fart).

  1. Do the same with burp fart, but appears in another hole?

No. Burp emerges from the stomach, another chemical composition with a fart. Belching contains more air, gas-containing gas produced by bacteria more.

  1. Where does fart if not detained or removed?

Not absorbed by the blood and not leaks. Fart immigrated to get to the top to the intestine and in turn will be out as well. So it was not lost, only delayed.

  1. Could it be a fart on fire?

Farts contain methane, hydrogen is combustible (natural gas containing these components as well). When burning, the flame is blue because of the content of the element hydrogen.

  1. Can light matches with a fart?

Another consistency. Also the temperature is not hot enough to start burning.

  1. Why Fart dogs and cats more foul?

Because cats and dogs are carnivores. Meat is rich in protein. Protein contains a lot of sulfur, so fart this animal is more insidious. Others with herbivores such as elephants, horses, goats that produce a lot of gas, longer, harder sound, but relatively odorless.

  1. Is it true that dizziness smell fart 2-3 times in a row?

Fart contains less oxygen. Perhaps you will experience a little bit puzzling that smell fart too much.

  1. What color fart?

Colorless. If the color orange as nitrogen oxide gas will be found who farted.

  1. Is the fart acid, alkaline, or neutral?

Acid, because it contains carbon dioxide (CO2) and hydrogen sulphide (H2S).

  1. What happens if someone farts in the planet Venus?

Planet venus already contains a lot of sulfur (sulfur) in the lining of the air, so fart there will not be much impact.

Primary Packaging, Packaging Secondary & Tertiary Packaging

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Based on its function, the packaging is divided into three, namely: 1. Primary Packaging, Secondary Packaging 2., and 3. Tertiary Packaging. Known primary packaging because the packaging is directly in contact with the product. Examples of primary package is a bottle, tube , and stopper. Often the label or the box is sometimes also called the primary package although no direct contact with the product.

Primary packaging is very important in terms of its function, Karton box which is to protect the ( protection ), preserving ( preservation ), communication to customers ( communication ), and includes artistic function so that consumers who are interested in buying.

Hasil gambar untuk Kelebihan kardus untuk pembungkus


Secondary packaging is required to protect the primary packaging for storage in a warehouse, during transport, and when distributed to customers bulk or retail customers. Secondary packaging is also to anticipate modes of transport and road conditions on the distribution system.

In accordance with its function to protect the primary packaging, secondary packaging can be shaped placemat ( tray ), wrap ( wrapper ), binder ( binder ), and can be made of cardboard, plastic, rope, wrapping film ( wrapper) and the cartons or cardboard ( corrugated outer ) is referred to as secondary packaging or supporting packaging (packaging support).

Both secondary packaging and packaging support function ensures that the primary packaging to consumer is always in good condition.Therefore, the secondary packaging must be designed so that the primary packaging is always safe, not dusty, not peeling, not damaged, broken, dented, and do not change color.

Secondary packaging is an integral part of primary packaging. At the primary packaging of products using the material flexible , often required a more powerful secondary packaging to protect the product and primary packaging. Example: primary packaging poly bags, stand-up pouch and sachet which does not have the power to protect themselves from outside forces. Therefore, they need the help of secondary packaging for safe transport from the manufacturer, distributor, store, up to consumer. 


Tertiary packaging or often called the transport packaging is packaging that is used to combine the entire secondary packaging for ease of transportation and prevent damage to the product. Examples of tertiary packaging is pallets (wood, cardboard, plastic) and shrink wrapthat is used to facilitate the transport and protect a set of products that have been packaged in secondary packaging (cardboard).

Eight Practical Nursing Overcome Dry and Dull

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Generally match our culture in Indonesia, women usually have longer hair than men. Women are also more frequently tamper and change his hairstyle from time to time. This is precisely what becomes one of the factors why the problem of dry hair more often experienced by women. Dry hair is one of the many issues on the hair. Air pollution, poor temperature, and unhealthy lifestyle is a fraction of factors that affect the health of one’s hair.
Dry hair problems in women
1. Exposure to direct sunlight for long periods.
2. Combing the hair when the hair is still wet ..
3. Hair coloring is not in accordance with the existing procedures.
4. Excessive in like wearing towel dry hair after shampooing or bathing.
5. The use of chemicals and makeup salon is excessive.
6. Combing hair wearing a comb whose teeth are too tight.
7. Use of hair dryers, curling and hair straightening tool.

How to Overcome Hair Care Dry and Dull

1. Avoid excessive scratching head

Avoid scratching your scalp to prevent excessive damage to the scalp. Damage to the scalp can lead to reduced natural moisturizer produced the scalp.

2. Avoid rinsing your hair with hot water

This is because it can cause damage to the hair. For the usual shower with warm water, avoid wearing hair rinse hot water.

3. Avoid shampooing every day

One way is to wash hair care. However, wash too often can lead to dull hair and hair loss becomes easy for those who have dry hair. Human hair naturally produces a kind of oil. The resulting oil levels are not the same for everyone. People who have a high oil content may need to wash the hair every day so that cleanliness is maintained. However, for those who have dry hair enough to wash once in two days.

4. Notice how good hair combing

Damage to the hair can be caused due to lack of proper hair combing. Combing the hair using a comb whose teeth are less dense appropriate. Combing the hair when the hair in a wet state is also not an appropriate action. When conditions are wet, dry hair rather fragile, especially if using a comb tooth comb. Therefore, let the first hair to dry naturally, after it had combed.

5. Use the right conditioner

Conditioner is a tool that can be used hair moisturizer to handle dry hair. However, if used less precise, the results can be less good. Before you use conditioner, make sure the shampoo has been rinsed clean.

6. Avoid using a hair stylist

To cope with dry hair, you should avoid hair stylist tools such as curling rambot, blow dryer, and so on. The equipment generates heat high enough to cause damage to the hair.

7. Avoid tying the hair during sleep

when the bed should be removed hair ties. This is so the hair can ‘breathe’.

8. Wear a mask

for severe cases of dry hair, how to solve it could be to use a hair mask. Hair masks can be by using natural materials, such as the following.

Basic Learning Arabic Fast and Easy

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Companion blog to learn basic Arabic and Gentlemen, this time we came back to share related to our mission is the development of the ability to speak Arabic.On this occasion, the posting comes to the rules of Arabic grammar or disering called by nahwu with regard to the division of nouns (al-Ismu) or isim in Arabicin terms of type and amount. This rule is a basic rule of the second after we had learned about sharing the word (al-Kalima ) some time ago. Rule division of nouns in Arabic is very important belajar bahasa arab you examine and understand because it is abasic rule that uses certain terms. Later at the next level, you will also come back to meet those terms. Be please understand well, if need be memorized.

Image result for bahasa arab

  1. Noun or in Arabic called al-Ismu in terms of numbers ( al-‘adad ) are divided into three types; singular, Mutsanna and jama ‘ . Here we will discuss one by one!
  1. Singular , is a noun ( al-Ismu ) of one. Examples such as المدرس al-mudarrisu,المَكْتَبُ al-Maktab, الطالبat-thalibu and so forth. All words just now ( al-mudarrisu, al-maktabu and al-thalibu ) totaled one, so they are called simplex .
  1. Mutsanna , is a noun which amounted to two. Its features with the addition ofalif and nun that plays as marfu ‘ and O’ and the nun that plays as manshuband majrur. Examples like المدرسان al-mudarrisani, المكتبان al-maktabani, الطالبانath-thalibani and so on.
  1. Plural , is a noun ( al-ismu ) in Arabic numbering more than two; three and so on. Isim Plural is itself divided into three; plural appraiser, plural Mudzakkar hammer and plural muannats hammer . ( The explanation of these will be explained in the future. Here we focus first on the distribution of mass in general). Characteristics by the addition of waw and nun that plays as marfu ‘ and O’and alif that plays as manshub and majrur . Examples such as المدرسون al-mudarrisuna, المُجْتَهِدُوْنَ al-mujtahiduna, المُوَظِّفُوْنَ al-muwaddhifuna ( Jamak Mudzakkar Salim) atau seperti المكاتب al-staffed, الطلاب re-thullabu, الأسماء al-asma’u ( Plural Estimate ) and the like المجتهدات al-mujtahidatu, المُدَرِّسَاتُ al-mudarrisatu called Plural Muannats Salim . For more details, refer to the table below!
simplex Mutsanna Plural
Estimate Salim Mudzakkar Muannats sale
teacher Almadrsan Teachers
the student Taliban the students
School Almadrsatan Teachers
  1. Noun or in Arabic called al-Ismu terms of its kind ( al-Jinsu ) is divided into two kinds; Mudzakkar and muannats .
  1. Mudzakkar , is a noun ( isim ) in Arabic which generally refers to the type of men. But part is a noun that is not sex, but Mudzakkar it is characterized by the absence of additional ta ‘marbutah ( ة) After the word. Example teacher al-mudarrisu,  الطالب al-Talib,  the manar-rajul and so on.
  1. Muannats , is the mass in Arabic, which refers to the type of woman. If the noun is not sex, muannats it is marked by the addition ta ‘marbutah ( ة).Example School al-mudarrisatu, الْمَكْتَبَةُ  al-maktabatu,  Student ath-thalibatu, البنت al-bintu, الأم al-ummu,  the blackboard as-sabburatu,  الجوالةal-jawwalatu and so on. For more details, see the following table!
Mudzakkar Muannats
the father Father the mother mother
the brother Lk brother. Sister Pr brother.
the man Law Law woman female
the boy Lk child. GIRL Pr child.
the book Book Satchel it
Qurtas Paper the blackboard Whiteboard

So that we can share regarding the distribution of nouns in Arabic in terms of jumlahdan types . Hope can help comrades who were studying Arabic Language , especially the basics of the Arabic language .

The contents can partly excerpted from;

How to Eliminate Black Spots Acne Scars Naturally 3

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7.) Aloe Vera
Aloe vera is also known by the name of aloe vera has long been known in the field of cosmetics as useful materials for skin health. Aloe vera can be acne scars within a certain time if used correctly. Although now there are many aloe vera gel, but you preferred to have the aloe vera plant.

Image result for acne care

When using aloe vera directly from the plant, saun way is by taking aloe vera gel seckupnya then download only lest there aloe sap mixed because it will cause itching. Take the gel then use on the face, leave it up to a few tens of minutes and then wash your face thoroughly. You can use aloe vera regularly every day, but should also be careful of the sap.

8.) Ice Cube
Used newly inflamed acne can use ice cubes so that acne does not have swelling and shrinkage of the blood vessels. In addition, the ice cubes can also help in reducing scar light and black spots caused by acne. Easy enough to use that by wrapping ice cubes in a tissue or cloth and then you can rub on the inflamed area began approximately 20 s / d 15 minutes each day.

9.) Baking Soda
You can also use baking sida for acne scars, but should also be careful because maybe your skin is sensitive it is more advisable to use way else.If want to try, you can use a mixture of baking soda with water until the mix viscosity as pasta, then apply on your face. Using baking soda can remove skin cells die and can also create a scar on your face will be disguised from time to time.

10.) Cucumbers
As quoted from Boldsky, cucumber can help in reducing scar. Besides being able to brighten terdapt scars on the skin, but the cucumber also provide a relaxing effect. Vitamins A, C and magnesium contained in cucumber can also acne scars. Therefore, you can use cucumber juice as a toner or also by placing cucumber slices for 30 minutes to treat scars that occur on your skin. Then rinse with cold water.

11.) Green Tea
Tea Hjiau is one of the main natural ingredients that have excellent antioxidant to remove acne scars. You can use it by taking warm water into a cup of green tea and then celpkan thereto. After that, take the cotton and dyes. Then apply on the skin with acne or acne scars and let it dry for a few minutes and then wash your face with water until clean.

12.) Potato
Vitamins and minerals are terkadnung in potatoes is a potential source to get a healthy skin. The potatoes can be sliced thin and placed on the acne scars. After that you can rinse with warm water.



Bags Dior Charming

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Model tas dior gives a touch of classical elegance, luxurious, very synonymous withelegance and style
Meanwhile, the designer John Galliano perfecting the Bag model and it is not easy to bring her famous. Each requires a minimum of eight hours to build with the help of seven craftsmen. Leather sheet 130 prepared for each bag and each sheet has to be sanded, dyed, and hand-sewn, then manually cut and placed around a wooden mold.Even away from the bag is very complicated to designed with 43 fruit of the metalstogether to protect the base from the harshness of the land. One of the more interesting element of this designer handbag is an amalgamation of some of the history of this House design. Mr. Dior fashion show first in 1947 at the time of Napoleon III. The merger with the cannage pattern is channelled through the skin stitched and displayed outside, thus providing a touch of elegance and a very luxurious.
Bags Dior is one that is synonymous with elegance and style, the distinctive design of the coat of arms of France. However, this design comes with a very high price reached hundreds of millions of rupiah woowww dream for us people of Indonesia🙂. Indeed the original Dior Bag very very high price which is only suitable for some particular people, but do not worry Tasbatambranded.com provides repelika bag dior with a price that matches the size of the purses we people, inexpensive but not cheap, the quality is also guaranteed and also depending on how to take care of the bag so that it is durable and is not quickly broken.
In November 1995, was first Filmed in the Bag during a visit to a children‘s home in Birmingham. Then Lady Diana, holding and carrying her new favorite designer bag.Then the Princess looks carry that bag a few weeks later while on an official visit toArgentina. Two of these major appearance was to be the beginning of the birth of the legendary Bag. Then the House of Dior decided to change the name of the bag in honor of the Princess with the title the Lady Dior. Since that time, became one of the most iconic bags for the House of Dior.

Tips on choosing a woman’s Briefcase that fits the Character

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For male and female career certainly brings a Briefcase is an obligation. Alas, not allgoods are suitable models for work and therefore you dont choose the goods carelessly. Then, what are the tips on choosing a work bag ladies and men’s briefcase so you can choose the right product?


Tips on choosing a work Bag ladies and gentlemen is right


The following are things to consider when wanting to choose Briefcase men and women:


Choose the appropriate size.
Usually people working will bring a lot of goods for the purposes of their work, much less a career for women who love to carry other items such as cosmetics, comb, etc. For that do not choose the size that is too small so easy to carry documents, choose a model also had many pockets so you can easily organize items the default small size sort of appointment book, cell phone, comb, wallets, and more.
Choose neutral colors.
The selected colors are not necessarily adapted to the work clothes that are being used. Therefore, you can choose the color of the shirt or neutral colors so any color clothes worn Briefcase then ladies and gentlemen You will remain fit, e.g. such as black, Brown, white, and can choose a favorite color for alternative 1. In addition, another tip is to choose formal colors so you look more professional, for men can also choose the color blue and beige.
If possible choose a waterproof.
With ingredients that are waterproof or water resistant, then the document or laptop that was taken would not be exposed to water. Moreover, for those of you who like to work while traveling. If you choose a backpack or purse back, then it could be protected with rain cover in order to be protected from the rain.
Select a simple or straightforward.
Choose a simple model or simple, so will look more profesioanal. Don’t you need tochoose the many accessories, if accessories only on studs or zippers is okay, but if it’s a model that a lot of his pocket thus instead be ribet.
A comfortable and quality models.
Please choose the model of your bag that makes you comfortable while bringing it,like tas victoria beckham let alone to a model that was carried on the shoulders. Therefore, choose a material that is not rigid and soft. To choose the correct grip material is soft and strong, if could choose an existing model laced plus grip. So, if you are tired ofmenyandangnya, then it could carry.
Choose the option that suits your profession.
A profession that keeps You out of the room sort of marketing or salesmen, then match the model back-pack. While for is often in the Office can choose tote bags. While the sling bag can be used for various occasions.

How to Distinguish a genuine Gucci Bag With a fake

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How to avoid fake Gucci handbags certainly is to buy Gucci bags in a store official. But if you want to buy through online sites, close friends or buy a used bag, there area few steps that must be known in order not to get caught up buying a fake bag. The following seven ways, as quoted from Ehow.


1. visit the official Gucci website
Learn about the features, including yarns, colors, lines and all aspects of the bag. Note well Gucci logo, especially the form of the letter and its size.


2. look and feel the dust bag (sarong wrap bag)
All branded bag definitely come dust bag. One way to know the original or fake branded bags can feel the glove covering. The original branded bags have dust bag.


3. Take note of the information and the price tag carefully
If you want to buy branded bags online, make sure that the information provided is accurate. Many fake Gucci handbags have the confusion of information or even the use of grammatically wrong. This can usually be seen on the price tag.


4. make sure the color of the bag
Gucci handbags fake almost always have the colors faded. If you want to buy Gucci bags, try to remember-remember back or bring a sample color to avoid buying a fake bag.


5. Note the back logo Gucci
If the letter ‘ G ‘ in the bag look like an ‘ E, perhaps the bag is fake. ‘ Glogo that looks like the ‘ Eis one of the most fake Gucci handbags.


6. Compare the seams
Feel free to compare seam bag Gucci you want to buy with a bag that is present in the official website of Gucci. The zoom feature allows you to learn the original bag stitching.


7. Feel the bag
The original Gucci handbags are made of high quality material and weight. It’s worth a try to feel the genuine Gucci handbags in the store‘s official first in order to get a feel for the comparison.


The original Gucci handbags have tracking number in emboss on the inside of the bag. This is an easy way to identify authentic handbags or fake.


Always remember that buying a bag branded online as buy the cat in the sack. You can’t be 100 percent sure that the purchased Gucci handbags fake or original to that package up into your home.

Tips On Choosing Appropriate Beautiful Ladies Bag Body Shape

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Before shopping a new handbag that was popular this year, understand in advancethe model of bag to suit your body shape, not all handbag are appropriate or ideal for a woman and see a collection of the latest and most complete women’s bags. Therefore, choose the right bag with all its aspects noted included aspects of conformity between the model bag with body shape. Bags are sold in the market of course vary greatly from a variety of the bag, there are a few that fit the character of your body. For more details, check out some tips on choosing a bag lady below:
Tall and Thin
Choose a bag for women who have high and slender body shape, preferably short handbag models, but make sure if the bag is not the shoulder bags with Sling strap that short because the bag will make your torso look taller, choose a handbag which is able to put a lot of stuff. All models of the existing bag, clutch bag models rated as best suited for women who have high body shape and trim.
Asian women have the characters or small and Petite body shape than European or American women, Petite body shape requires the appropriate bag. In General, in Hollywood, a bag with a size that is too large is not the appropriate bag model for women’s Petite, large sized bag will keep you getting submerged, apart from a large bag, the good women of Petite does not wear a sling bag with a long Sling strap because it will make you seem increasingly short. Choose tas gucci with a model that is not too large with string which is not too long.
Tips on choosing a handbag for women who have a form of body fat. Fat lady would look prettier when wearing bulky or boxy and structured bags bag that can balance the curve of your body, don’t choose a handbag-sized too small as it can make your body shape to become visible. If you want to model a more colorful bag, choose a bag with small motifs as the first alternate because not much different with clothes, bags with large motifs will give the same effect on the fat lady, i.e. make it appearfuller.
For everything
If you want to spend your bag with the price of an expensive bag, then choose the bag that is comfortable when worn. As expensive as any bags that You seek, try beforehand, if when worn do not make you feel comfortable, then there is no other reason to buy the bag, for what is the most expensive bags and buy good when in the end you will never wear. It could be quite the murahlah bag that fits and makes youfeel comfortable. You want to buy cheap handbags and also convenient, it is recommended to choose a neutral colored bags, namely black or brown leather handbaghas a classic style that can be worn every day to accompany your daily activity. As an experiment, you can choose a much more funky bags or bags with metallic detail is more unique.