How to Get Quality Backlinks

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Backlinks, also known as Link Sign, inbound links, inlink, and backlinks, are incoming links to a website or web page. In basic link terminology, a backlink is any link received by a web node (web page, directory, website, or top level domain) from another web node that’s according to wikipedia. Backlink is what determines the value of the popularity of the blog , it is important paket jasa backlink berkualitas whether or not a blog or website in search engines. Well for that is why backlinks are very useful for our blog. Okay without lingering much longer I will share about how to get quality backlinks.

How to Get Quality Backlinks
Do Finding Backlink Overrated
What is meant here is the excessive use of services of other sites to find backlinks by using a robotic tool backlinks. The result was successful but remember search engine capabilities to detect such means is now more sophisticated, and if these ways are caught instead of your traffic going up, on the contrary you could fall as low or even rank your blog is not considered important by the machine seekers, for that is why we have to find backlinks in a healthy way.

exchanging links

 Although it has some say harming one another blog, but if you ask me personally not so because by exchanging links, the links in the blog will be interconnected with the good, as long as the blog we exchange links have a niche similar to our blog.

backlinks from high PR

Well if this proved to be very effective to get quality backlinks, try to get backlinks that have a rank above our blog, quality backlink will be very different from the blog berPR high or low .

Avoid spam comments

Here be avoided bloggers to comment spam, simply comment 2-3 last word inserted a live link, if you do this a lot reputation of your blog will fall and will be considered spam by Google.Try commented well rather long and have a relationship with niche / topic reviews.

Submit Articles in Forum, Blog or Web directories

This method is relatively also very powerful, submit articles with us on high PR blogs, forums and web directories. We all know that blogs, forums and web directories have many visitors nah besides we get backlinks of course visitors of the web see our link and visit our blog.

With Ads

Now this method it uses cost yet proven to get traffic and quality backlinks . Well that is the way to get quality backlinks, of course there are many ways you can do to get those quality backlinks. If anyone would like to add please comment in the comment form provided. thanks.

8 Benefits Of Eating Fish Salmon For Health

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Salmon is a fish species of the family Salmonidae. Salmon is a fish that was born in the river but live in the sea. When will spawn salmon going back to the river. Salmon is very popular as a food fish for flavor and special properties. Salmon is rich in omega-3 fatty acids which are essential nutrients for health. Here benefits of salmon for health.

The benefits of eating salmon - VistaBundaDotCom

1. Healthy Cardiovascular
salmon contain omega-3 fatty acids that help lower blood cholesterol, maintain the flexibility of blood vessels, and strengthens the heart muscles.Salmon also contains essential amino acids that help repair damaged heart tissue and blood vessels.

2. Maintain Eye Health
Omega-3 known to be useful to fight macular degeneration due to age.Besides omega-3 fatty acids also help prevent the symptoms of chronic dry eye.

3. Healthy Brain and Neural
Omega-3 improves brain function. Salmon also contains amino acids, vitamin A, vitamin D, and selenium acts to protect the nervous system from the effects of aging and to function as an anti-depressant and help cure Alzheimer’s disease.

4. Prevent Cancer
Salmon contains vitamin D and selenium high enough that acts to prevent certain types of cancers include breast cancer, prostate cancer, and cancer kolorectal.

5. Healthy Skin and Hair
Omega-3 lock moisture in skin cells, promotes the production of collagen and elastin fibers that nourish the skin, reduce the effects of inflammation of the skin, and make skin look younger. Omega-3 is also known to provide nutrients to the hair follicles, helps the hair grow healthy, and prevent hair loss. Proteins are essential nutrients found in salmon.

6. Helps Prevent Health Metabolism and Diabetes
fatty acids omega-3, vitamin D, and selenium, all helped to influence insulin which helps glucose uptake by the cells of the body and lowering blood glucose levels and prevent diabetes.

7. Anti-inflammatory
Omega-3 reduces inflammation in blood vessels and digestive system.

8. Antioxidant
Selenium is found in salmon help the body ward off free radicals thus preventing cell damage from oxidative stress.

Tips for booking or pivot rental car

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For the friend – a friend who will be on vacation but do not have a car do not worry, because it can rent a car through car rental services available. However, those sewa bus who have never rental cars are confused about how the tips for getting good Car Rental Services.

Car Rental in Semarang

Here are some tips to friend – friend will know when renting a car .

1. Know Your Needs
Objective rental car for what? How The passengers? How much luggage? Where would be using the car? How long? must be ensured in advance in order to have an idea of what kind of car hire.

2. Select Car To Suit After knowing the needs friend – friend, choose a car that is suited to those needs. Good capacity, and performance specifications. For example, rent a car for the needs of urban areas, Temen – friends can rent a car with a 1000cc power. If later journey through the mountains or the ramp, then we recommend renting a car with a 1300cc power upwards. So that later on the trip will be comfortable and safe.

3. Ask Rental Rates Before choosing a car that will be rented, you should consult a problem rates car rental them. How much is the rent, if the rental rate is inclusive of other things such as the cost of fuel etc. Ask clearly so no miss when making a payment.

4. Ask the Terms and Conditions of
each car rental services have persyarakat and conditions vary. Therefore ask as detailed as possible for the problem this requirement. So that when you use it there is no problem in the administrative process.

5. Ask Car Condition
check conditions before taking her car, when it was last performed maintenance and re-check the current conditions in the rental place, so this will reduce the risk of bad had happened.

6. Additional Service
Ask the car rental service, if there are additional services provided. For example, insurance or other services.

7. Remove the Lock It Or Not
Some car rental service provides options for key-off . This means that tenants can use the car without having to be accompanied by a driver, and vice versa.

That’s some car hire tips that can be used as a reference in a hire car at the rental service. And make sure if you want to hire to bring the car directly, Temen – friend have advanced driving and a driver’s license, so smooth and pleasant journey.

Now if the friend – a friend was in Semarang want to rent a car in Semarang can contact only to rental car in Semarang is, ie to 087 832 841 294 with Mr. Ibnu, he provided a car that is ready to deliver where holiday destinations are being targeted friend – a friend with driver polite, neat and experienced course.

Green Canyon Pangandara, Exotic Nature Tourism Sites

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Green Canyon is the interesting attractions when we hear PremÂise abroad who have a very exotic natural phenomenon then we would guess the area was named the Grand Canyon . Tourist spot has a very exotic natural phenomenon, because there is a flow of the Colorado River which is flanked by high cliffs that form the gorge. Java island also has a similar hotel murah pangandaran Regional Grand Canyon is Green Canyon or also called Cukang Taneuh .

green canyon pangandaran

Tourism Green Canyon or Canyon

When we  vacation in West Java and want to find a different holiday sensation, Green Canyon Pangandaran is one of the tourist attractions are right. The unique location that is formed from the River Cijulang and high cliffs are very interesting to try. Rafting, canoeing, swimming, diving and climbing is a fun holiday activities to try in the area attractions Cukang Taneuh.

The main thing is the main attraction for tourists is adventure with a small boat or “long-tail”. Early adventure is in Pier Ciseureuh . The river that has a view of towering cliffs combined with a view of trees and green river water is very exotic treats. If you are lucky, you can see the animal inhabitants of the River Cijulang like lizard, snake sacking, and monkeys.

Natural beauty surrounds Exotic by boat

If you’re curious to entering the cave stalaktif and stalagmites that decorate the cave, you can try to swim using a float into the cave. The scenes in the cave will be even more amazing. Local people call Zone Eternal Rain , because although the dry season, the water flow like rain never stopped.

Even more interesting is a dive into the river and we will be treated to views under the bottom of the cave with several species of fish that live in it. The best time to visit one  Destinations Ciamis this is during the dry season, from May to September.

Place and location Green Canyon or Canyon

Green Canyon Indonesia located area of West Java tourism, Kertayasa precisely in the village, district. Cijulang, Kab. Ciamis, West Java. Located about 130 km from the town of Ciamis and is approximately 31 km from Pangandaran.

This area previously named Green Canyon or ” Land Bridge “. Name Canyon by the Java name is taken from a condition where there is a land bridge in the upstream watershed of San Felipe. In 1993, two tourists from France during the visit to the Canyon and called by the name of Green Canyon. Then the name Canyon is popular with the name of Green Canyon-until now.

Differences Grand Canyon and Green Canyon itself is in the landscape. If the Grand Canyon dominated by brown and red, Green Canyon Pangandaran dominated by the color green.

Access, Amenities and Accommodations Green Canyon

Access to the location of Tourism is more or less within 31 km from Pangandaran beach, if you are from Ciamis approximately within 390 Km. After reaching the dock Ciseureuh, you can proceed to Cijulang River in a small boat to Goa Green Canyon within approximately 3 Km. To hire a small boat you wear cost around Rp. 100.000, -.

Starting from the pier Ciseureuh as a harbor small boats to deliver to Location Green Canyon here there are many facilities such as playgrounds, places of worship, public toilets, food stalls and souvenir shops and souvenirs, while for lodging in the area around the pier there are several hotels and homestay for a place to rest.

14 Important Benefits of Eating Fish Salmon For Body Health 4

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11. Preventing inflammation

research conducted on the benefits of the content of salmon, one of which showed that the content of omega-3 fats can be converted by the body into three types of compounds, which is beneficial to prevent chronic inflammation.

Researchers from the Harvard Medical School and Brigham and Women’s hospital, found that a diet high in fish oil efficacious help improve the condition of the body and avoid rankling

Image result for manfaat ikan salmon

12. Relieves Depression Omega-3 considered useful to relieve depression, but it can happen if people with depression eat salmon together with antidepressant medication (of course as prescribed). In one study, found the results of research that pregnant women who consume fatty acid content omega-3 is sufficient for the body, during the process of pregnancy may help reduce the risk of depression after pregnancy.the salmon fishing in which there is the content of tryptophan, efficacious as a natural tranquilizer for overcoming insomnia. Where unmet needs sleep, can lead to serious health problems , such as heart, sense of stress, depression, and even cancer.

13. Eat salmon during pregnancy lower the risk of asthma in children

A study in the UK found that the relationship between fish consumption and the risk of asthma in children.

Scientists from Southampton University claims that the salmon consumed during pregnancy can reduce the risk of asthma when the child enters the age of three years ,

“The salmon can boost the baby’s immune system, preventing allergic reactions animal dander, and pollen often triggers asthma,” said lead researcher, Professor Philip Calder, as quoted by The Sun.

At the age of three years, one out of ten children diagnosed with asthma, which is generally not the case of the group who ate salmon.

“Our findings suggest that early nutritional interventions during pregnancy could provide long-term effects on health,” he continued.

Although the results of this study have not been published in the journal, but has been presented at the Experimental Biology Conference in the United States.

Where is expected from this study, in order to improve child survival.

14. The benefits of salmon for children

Sourced from sites , there is said that intake of salmon be the right choice for parents who want their children to excel in school. Because it implies a healthy, low in calories and also taste delicious.

The salmon atlantic contains 415 calories, 46 grams of protein, zero carbohydrates, and 23 grams of fat.

Then the rich aan content of omega-3 essential, eicosapentaenoic and docosahexaenoic acid.

Berar salmon has a role to improve the intelligence or intellect someone, especially children.

salmon also supplies many vitamins and minerals that are needed brain.

Tips on How to Get Qualified Backlinks 5

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1. Using services review

If you do not want to bother to write and build your own backlinks then blog review services can be the best alternative is nice because this is one way to find quality backlinks which still continues to have a profound effect in improving the quality SEO blog. Why is that? Due to be reviewed, the jasa backlink of your blog will be placed in the article where it is one of the best ways to cultivate links, especially anchor text of a link in the article in accordance with the targeted keyword, it will be more powerful and robust once in lifting ranking blogging. Not to mention if the mereviw is a person who is good seo techniques, it is definitely the article will be optimized so that sooner or later will raise the ranking blogging. Imagine that in a month you can use services like this 3 times and with different blog, no doubt how powerful blogging in competing with the master seo website. For now the price of the service review website or blog between 50k to 300k, depending on the policies of each web owners and also the quality of the web. And if anyone wants to use the services pay 300k review enough is enough.

Image result for backlink

2. Become a Guest Writer

Guest or Guest Post writer in the English language, that blog visitors who contributed his writing on other blogs in return are given credit in the form of backlinks embedded permanently in writing that he has made it. The effect of the backlink is almost as strong as the review above, only if the above we have to pay, here not because of who wrote the article on our own and indeed the blog owner requires our writing. It’s just to be able to boost their SEO optimization we have to do yourself because if not, the link we post will also mediocre.

3. Build your own blog Dummy

I guess there’s no SEO master who did not do this, and even all the SEO services that offer optimization services ranking also perform this technique. Dummy means shadow, so we created a blog that is not for the purpose as our main blog which was made just to plant a backlink in it which is then optimized so that if the rank farther up it will automatically lift the ranking of our main blog too.Yes shape more or less the same as the above review services just a blog of our own and so we have also forever, so no need to pay. Only in this method you must know very well how to write articles that SEO Friendly , because otherwise still less influence on the ranking web you can use free blog services like blogger, wordpress, tumblr, and mywapblog and others.

Frankly authors did not find the others about Tips on How to Get Qualified Backlinks or How to Make Safe Backlink to Increase Blog Ranking, as long as the author just do this and be successful until now.The bottom line in SEO is the perseverance and hard work coupled with consistency. Do not give up if you fail, do continue up to and defeat all your opponents. Good luck!

Body Rafting Green Canyon Pangandaran Batu Karas Travel 4

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Pantai Batu Karas , Batukaras Located in the village, about 34 km from Pangandaran. This resort is a tourist place with a quiet atmosphere and ocean waves are friends, so you can be sure will linger here. The tour is also suitable for you who have a hobby of surfing because this beach is a blend of beach Batu Hiu and Pangandaran , You can also stay in a hotel or inn located around the beach,green canyon so you can enjoy a beautiful sunset and sunrise.


Caves Mudal Well,  not only beaches, natural caves in Pangandaran is also a tourist attraction that most attractive to tourists.Well one of them is the Cave Well this Mudal. The name of this cave obtained because once inside the cave there is a spring that resembled wells with water that “Mudal” or boiling in Indonesian. This cave include cave that should not be missed if you do a trip to Pangandaran.

Curug Bojong , it turns out, used to be a waterfall or this waterfall called Curug Sawangan. But now is better known because of Bojong waterfall river water comes from Kampung Bojong. If you want menujju this place from Pangandaran download Babakan path then Sukahurip with the distance varying from 6 km away.

The beach Keusik Luhur , Located in the village of Kertamukti, District Cimerak, or within about 45 km of Pangandaram. The combination between the natural landscape of mountains and blue sea is characteristic of this coast. From the top of the hill at this beach, you can see the view of the waves hitting the reef. Sublime Keusik name itself was also taken from the background of this beach. “Keusik” means sand, while the “noble” meaning high. The name was picked because of big sea waves create a sand shot up into the rocks.

Santirah River Tubing , you travel enthusiasts water of adrenalin? You can visit Santirah River Tubing. Here you will feel the thrill of rafting but not by using a rubber boat, but by using big tires. The flow of the river in the village Santirah Selasari will make you wet sensation complete with tottering between stream and river rocks. Distance of these attractions to the city center is only 15 km away.

Saung Muara , If you are looking for a beach that can be used as an area for camping with family or friends, then this is the place Saung Muara. Located at the end of Jalan Pamugaran, this location you can take from the entrance Pangandaran, turn right and travel approximately 1 km. You will find a beautiful natural landscape with cold water and mangroves around it. Here, you can also enjoy views of the fishermen were busy looking for fish. Saung Muara has facilities such as a gazebo and prayer. You can also enjoy culinary contained in the stalls along the beach. Enjoy the sunsets while air-BBQ with friends or family will be an unforgettable experience here.

Pangandaran Waterpark , including tourist Although relatively new, but the waterpark this could be an attractive tourist spot to visit. Not the same as other waterpark, a waterpark in Pangandaran is located on the outskirts of the Valley Women’s Beach. You can find it about 5 km from Pangandaran travel door Kalipucang precisely in the District. There are several pools that can be enjoyed and also a field for driving the ATV. To get into the waterpark, you have to pay between 10,000 and 25,000 rupiah per person.

Beach Karapyak , beach in Pangandaran is a lot of and interesting to visit. If you are bored with the beach Pangandaran and Batu Hiu, you can come to the beach Karapyak. This tourist spot located in the village Bagolo, Kalipucang District, Ciamis, or about 20 km from Pangandaran beach. If you are on the square the town of Ciamis, you will travel a distance of about 78 km.


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Salmon is a fish that is very well known in Canada and Japan. The reason, Canada is known as the world’s largest salmon exporter, while Japanese society is very fond of eating salmon. Underneath it all, it turns out salmon in protein and omega-3 is good for health. In fact, it is said that the salmon and improve the performance of male sexuality. True or not, let us together seek out the information below!

selling men's vitality supplement and complete


PASSION  sexuality in men may decline by itself depends on the health condition of the man. Well, salmon is not going to be apowerful medicine man directly, but you can get a variety of health of salmon, so your sexual performance can be maintained naturally.

Here are 7 benefits of salmon for health:


Salmon contains a number of proteins known as bioactive peptides. In addition, there is also the content of calcitonin proven to improve, adjust and stabilize the collagen synthesis in human osteoarthritic cartilage. Protein in salmon also shown to increase bone density and strength.



One of the biggest causes of male sexuality disorders and the onset of the causes of premature ejaculation are depression or stress. Well, here salmon act as a powerful medicine man naturally that will improve the quality of your sexuality. Benefits of DHA omega-3 in salmon is to improve brain function and keep the nervous system in order to stay healthy. Eating salmon regularly can reduce the risk of depression, so that the body, mind, and you stay healthy sexual arousal.



In addition to improving sexual performance so as to make it more durable ejaculation, salmon contains omega-3 fatty acids, EPA and DHA, which is very high this can reduce inflammation in the cardiovascular system. Eat salmon 2-3 times a week can protect you from the risk of heart attack, stroke, arrhythmia, high blood pressure, and high triglycerides.


Did you know that eating salmon during pregnancy and lactation can increase the ability of a child’s brain to be more achievement in learning activities in the future. Salmon contains a very high DHA, a fatty acid information DHA is a major structural nature in the central nervous system and retina. Children who frequently eat salmon time also avoid the risk of ADHD and academic performance is further improved.



Vitamin D is claimed to reduce the risk of cancer, heart disease, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, heart disease, and diabetes type 1. Now, salmon are foods that act as a source of vitamin D is good for the body.So, there’s nothing wrong if you increase consumption of salmon to avoid the risk of diseases that we mentioned earlier.



All the nutrients and vitamins contained in green vegetables you can find in salmon. Yes, these fish contain protein, vitamin B, omega 3 fatty acids, antioxidants and Vitamin C as in spinach or kale.


Because it has a number of vitamins and high protein, salmon offers selenium, a mineral that can act as antioxidants in the body.Yes, selenium can prevent cell damage, so it will be able to reduce the risk of inflammation of the joints and keeping the immune system Tubu h, and the thyroid to function properly.

Benefit Cream Florin

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Getting white and glowing skin is quite difficult especially when you are really busy with work fairly dense. Often you work in the field that will leave you exposed to sufficient sunlight blazing fast will make your skin and dark ksuam. For women will diminish her confidence to meet others when experiencing skin problems. The skin becomes a major problem for women, when there is a bright and shining. They are willing to expend considerable expense when wanting to get white skin. It is now the cream florin can overcome problems that you complained. Easy it is to get this face cream when the stock is still a lot.
Everyone can use this cream when it has no special allergy. This cream will be the procedure for its use of you who really want to feel the white and shining. It’s easy to use already exists in the packaging. Before buying any you have to carefully first to see products – products that are not cheated with fake cream products on behalf of these brands. To fix this, you can see their security pack that has been used in the packaging. This method is the latest way that is used by companies to reduce the level of crime that already exists. For that you who really want to try it can directly purchase at the official store cream florins.
In the creation of this cream else is already using the method in accordance with national standards, and therefore face cream has been tested and efficacious for those of you who do have dull skin problems. With workers – professional then it would be spared from the mercury and hydroquinone. If you are already a memberpun will get a discount each time a purchase, then immediately register themselves as an official member. And invited relatives, friends or relatives to join this face cream florins. Cleanliness can be seen from the way you treat your body skin. No need complicated – complicated do this, simply use the fluorine cream was able to care for the skin.

Efficacy Cream Florin

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For those of you who do have problems on the skin does at this time can be changed by doing special treatments. Special care does not need to spend big money, because there is already a powerful skin cream to cope. Florin Cream has been tested by BPOM. For women it is not confident when it has a dull or dry skin. This happens because the more you work out and cause skin will be dry. Weighing work will make you do not have time to do skin care. Now with the original face cream will indeed make your skin more radiant and bright. Pengunannya is quite simple and easy to do.
Cream it’s been around a long time and been proven by many who use and manage. With this you can directly use this facial skin cream regularly suitable packaging. This cream is made with ingredients – natural products which are already measured takaranya. Not just anyone can buy in a regular store, because it is only sold in stores have labels khusu this face cream. Everything you can get a discount when you become an official member of this cream. Stay careful – careful on false florins cream that has been widely circulated. Cream can you distinguish genuine security of their pack, so that no one could fabricate these products.
Technological sophistication will increasingly make this cream products can not be faked. Use this florin cream according to the rules, namely in the morning and before bed at night. Feel the difference after a month later usage. Once you use this cream, then you also have to pay attention to the skin that are not often exposed to the sun’s heat. Updates keep the latest information from the face cream will always whiten your skin. Direct cross-promote to a friend – your friend to use this skin facial cream. Prices are affordable, efficacy ampu, easy to use. Immediately to buy it because the demand is quite a lot that you do not run out of stock.